Intro Guitar Course

RockPro In-School Program

The RockPro Intro Guitar Course is an 8-week lunch/recess program designed to get everyone strumming in no time! Students get a chance to participate in an ensemble like setting, learn basic chords, rhythm notation, and musicianship. In the comfort of their own classroom, students will rehearse modern and classic pop songs leading up to a final performance at the end of the course. Included in the enrollment fee is a great quality 6-string acoustic guitar that the student can use during the program and purchase at the end if they choose. RockPro aims to make our programs accessible and a great value in musical instruments.

Topics Include:

Basic Chords– Students go over chord charts and and are also taught how to read tablature. If a cool song riff pops in your head, be sure you can track your creativity and song ideas.

Rhythm Fundamentals– Learn the basics in rhythm guitar technique. Students go over strumming patterns, arpeggios, and sight reading exercises to ensure a good understanding of rhythmic notation.

Musicianship– Understand the true meaning of being in a band! Classmates have the chance to participate in group performances and small ensembles.

Songwriting– Discover some amazing songwriters of our time! Find out the techniques, exercises and inspiration to create songs of your own. Students learn about melody, vocals and stage presence.

Please call us at 905-820-2277 or email to book an Intro Guitar Course for your school today!

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