Bucket Drumming Course

Understanding rhythm is one of the most important concepts in communicating with music. This high energy and fun 8-week lunch/recess program teaches the basics of drumming and how to write out drum music. We tackle everything from stick technique to musicianship, and who better to learn alongside then your fellow classmates!

RockPro In-School Bucket Drumming Program

Each student is provided with drumsticks, a bucket and a RockPro workbook which is included with the enrollment fee. We finish off the program with a “Drum Line” style performance for your the entire school and a musical experience that will last their lifetime!


Topics include:

  • Rhythm Notation:
    We teach how to read and write rhythm notation and the understanding of beat values. Students will understand how to sight read and perform drum music on the grand staff. If students have creative ideas musically, they will know how to put it on paper.
  • Technique:
    RockPro artists show our students proper technique and make sure no bad habits are developed. Great technique leads to great playing and that’s what makes drummers always sound their best. Everything from stick technique to dynamics will have you drum rolling by the end program.
  • History:
    To know where you’re at, you have to know where you’re from! We talk about the origins of rhythm, styles of percussion and history of the drum kit. Drums and Rhythm have been used from communication to cultural expression. Let us take you on a musical journey back through time!
  • Performance:
    Working the stage alongside your friends or as a solo artist is what music is all about. Our programs encourage musicianship our goal is to make students confident in performing in front of crowds. Being your true self on stage is what makes the audience feel your message. Talent shows will never be the same!Please call us at 905-820-2277 or email cliff@rockpro.ca to book your school Bucket Drumming Course today!

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