In-School Programs

RockPro Music Centre school programs are a great introduction to the foundations of music creation. Our curriculum consists of 8 week in-class lessons taught during lunch and/or after school. We create our programs with fun and interaction in mind. Many topics are covered to ensure a well rounded understanding of the instrument at hand. Our instructors have years of experience teaching in the school system and offer programs for students grades 1-12. Learning music in the classroom has shown great benefits to developing students. It has helped show improvement in communication, mathematics, creativity, cultural respect, memorization, problem solving, teamwork, confidence, and the list continues.

The Mississauga Arts Council has just released its autumn edition of the AIM For Education Magazine! It features outstanding artists who offer unique and exciting Ontario Curriculum based arts programming for schools in the Peel Region.

RockPro Music Centre is proud to be included in this magazine offering our In-School 8-week introductory guitar, percussion and vocal programs to Mississauga and surrounding cities. For more information on our programs go to page 13 of the magazine.