Private Lessons

RockPro Music Centre offers half hour private lessons in guitar (acoustic or electric), bass guitar, drums, piano and vocals.

What makes RockPro students wanting to come to their lessons every week?

  • We hook students in with interactive technology.
    Every RockPro lesson room is equipped with a large flat-screen monitor, an iPad, internet access and a copy of Guitar Pro 6. Let’s say that a student wants to learn “Back In Black” by ACDC; it’s as easy as looking up the video on YouTube and bringing up an easy-to-read tab on Guitar Pro. We can videotape performances and provide instant feedback to the student. And once students are at home practicing their skills, they can get all the clarification they need by communicating directly with their teacher through our website.
  • Keep them comfortable with a relaxed, informal environment.
    RockPro isn’t stuffy or intimidating. We encourage a clubhouse-style atmosphere; students and parents are encouraged to interact with one another. By fostering musical friendships, the instrument stops being something confined to a half-hour session in a cramped room.
  • Encourage collaboration with a smart curriculum.
    How’s this for fresh thinking: teaching music in a vacuum doesn’t work, for the same reason that kicking a soccer ball against a fence won’t get you to the World Cup. Music is about playing with others! RockPro’s 3-5-8curriculum, which starts with three simple tunes and becomes progressively more complex, is standardized—which means every student will be learning the same sixteen songs, in addition to anything else they want to pick up. This means that playing together is an easy, snap-together affair. The quicker students move from the lesson room to the jam space, the more likely they are to stick to it.
  • Get them performing.
    RockPro has a fully-equipped performance area with guitar, bass, drums, keys, microphones, amplifiers and a high-end P.A. system. Our objective is to demystify the performance aspect of musicianship; to show them that getting up in front of people and playing is no big deal. In fact, it’s fun! With monthly recitals and open mics hosted onsite, free of charge, students can get onstage as soon as they’re ready in an encouraging, pressure-free environment.
  • Finally, get them into a band.
    Enter RockPro’s most unique service: the Band Development Program. Want to start a band? Great. Grab three friends and come in for an evaluation. If you know what instruments you want to play, great. If not, we can help you figure out who is best suited to what. From there, our instructors (real musicians, with years of real experience in the music industry) will walk you through every facet of band life, from jamming to songwriting, to compiling a setlist, to getting gigs and putting together a press kit.

*Private lessons are $27.50/half hour, $50/hour (taxes included)

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