2014 Summer Camps

Check Out Some Recent Performances At Our 2014 Camps

June 30-July 4 YMCA Oakville Bucket Drumming
June 30-July 4 YMCA Oakville Band Performance

July 7-11 YMCA Oakville Bucket Drumming
July 7-11 YMCA Oakville Band Performances
July 7-11 YMCA Oakville Band Performance 2

July 7-11 YMCA Palermo Bucket Drumming
July 7-11 YMCA Palermo Band Performance

July 14-18, 2014 Rock n Racquets Bucket Drumming
July 14-18, 2014 Rock n Racquets Band Performance 1
July 14-18, 2014 Rock n Racquets Band Performance 2 



ROCKPRO 1/2 DAY BAND or VOCAL CAMP PROGRAM Ages 8 – 14 Camp Dates: July 14 – 18 (Mornings) August 11 – 15 (Mornings)

Kids Rock Camp At RockPro

Rockpro Music Centre’s Summer camps are run by experienced music teachers whose primary goal is to help students improve their musical talents while having a great time. Our camps encourage personal creativity and also focus on helping students learn the importance of working collaboratively as a team. Rockpro Summer camp participants make new friends, enhance their musical skills, and gain confidence and self-esteem along the way. Our Summer camp options include playing as a member of a band, singing, and performing. All full week camp participants will end the week with a live concert on our very own RockPro stage!

RockPro Band Camp

Kids Rock Camp At RockPro

Join our Rockpro Band camp program and play in a band! Singers, guitar, bass, drum and keyboard players learn all aspects of being professional performers and recording artists. Working with our specialized music instructors, students rehearse with other band members of similar age and abilities and learn songs by famous bands.

RockPro Vocal Camp

Kids Rock Camp at RockPro

Our professional voice instructors teach students techniques that will take their vocal skills to a whole new level. Participants in our singing camps learn a variety of songs throughout each day and will get to perform on our RockPro stage complete with lights, lasers and fog. Program highlights include; proper vocal warm-ups, mic. technique and  combatting nervousness.

1/2 Day Kids Rock Camp Programs:

5-Day Morning Sessions – $185 (HST Included) Monday – Friday 9:00am – Noon To register your child, complete the form below and we will send you a confirmation email with information on payment options.

Terms & Conditions: By submitting the above registration form, you agree to hold RockPro Music Centre and/or all of their agents and/or volunteers harmless from claims or damages which may arise from your child’s participation in any of the above programs involving the aforementioned persons.

  • Availability is based on a first come first serve basis
  • Payment is due in full upon receiving a confirmation email of registration

_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ FULL DAY “ROCK N RACQUETS” CAMP – No Experience Necessary - 

Ages 7 – 15
RockPro Music Centre and Tennis Everyone have teamed up to offer offer a unique experience for your child, blending Athletics with the Arts – ½ Day Tennis Camp and ½ Day Music Camp! Tennis Everyone, leaders in progressive tennis, have a long history of being the best half day tennis camps in Mississauga, turning on thousands of young juniors to the game of a life time. Progressive tennis is used to teach juniors how to serve, rally and score. The mornings are made up of all tennis. Our experienced coaches take juniors through skill development, fun games and real match play. Drop off for the tennis sessions will be at the Springfield Tennis Club then the kids will be bussed for lunch at RockPro Music Centre and have the afternoon to explore and improve their musical talents while having a great time! They will have the opportunity to play the drums, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards and sing. At the end of the week, they will perform on the RockPro stage complete with lights, lasers and fog! End of day pick up will be at RockPro Music Centre.

1/2 Day At Springfield Tennis Club – 1/2 Day At RockPro Camp Dates: July 14 – 18 August 11 – 15 For information on pricing and to register online click here, or download and complete the Tennis Everyone registration form.

June 30-July4 Band Performance